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June 17, 2024 42 mins
Aaron Rodgers continues to behave like Aaron Rodgers as he is set to miss mandatory mini camp for the New York Jets. As rumors circulate that he may be missing this camp for a ayahuasca retreat, Dan and the crew discuss the way Rodgers is being covered by the media and how it differs from how it would be for other athletes, if Rodgers' "spiritual journey" has changed his perspective on work and football, why Rodgers continues to act like he's a target, whether or not Rodgers cares about what we think (he does), and if Dan and Mike are egomaniacs. Plus, let's talk about ANOTHER QB! Tom Brady not only got Jay-Z to perform at his Patriots Hall of Fame induction, but he tried his hand at the UFL broadcast over the weekend, and Mike thinks he crushed it. Also, Jessica and Billy hatch a plan to ruin Brady's ACTUAL Hall of Fame induction from the inside. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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