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The Firebear Republic

The Fire Bear Republic is a weekly discussion about Movies, TV and the entertainment industry. We use a lot of fowl language and insult people as well. Check us out!


April 18, 2021 63 min

 Signal path is not a superpower 

This week our heros talk trailers and anime, and encounter the not so Xmen world of the nevers. Joss whedon's fantasy world where you have superpowers even if you don't. 

4:14 Shazam 2 casting

9:09 F9 trailer

12:15 Army of the dead trailer (2nd round)

16:39 Macross/Robotech

22:51 Gundam Movie

31:22 Castlevania Cancelled

34:05 Warrior season 4 at HBOmax

46:41 The Nevers (first look)

Mark as Played

Whosoever holds this hammer, if he be worthy, shall listen to this weeks episode and be a better Captain America than John Walker.

2:36 E3

7:37 Ghost of Tsushimah Movie

9:57 Star Wars books

14:22 Spider Woman Daisy Ridley rumors

21:34 Netflix / Knives out 2

27:21 Space Jam: A New Legacy

32:17 John Wick creator not involved

35:34 American Gods cancelled

41:25 National Treasure Disney+

46:38 falcon and winter soldier (midseason)

Mark as Played
April 4, 2021 63 min

This week our heroes face the big questions, not casting questions or the ramifications of big monster battles.... no, is Batman invincible? 

11:20 The Suicide Squad Trialer

18:00 Wrath of Man Trailer

23:35 bad batch

27:20 Obiwan tv show casting

31:35 'Black Adam': Pierce Brosnan to Play Dr. Fate

35:02 Godzilla vs Kong snyder fan backlash/Review 

51:45 Invincible 

Mark as Played

 Zack Snyder's Justice League: Roundtable Discussion 

This week our Heroes Face the biggest hurdle they will ever face, Zack Snyder's Justice League.

They call on earth's mightiest defenders to save the day. Was the cinematic timeline fixed? Will the DCEU be good now? Did Martian Manhunter fuck Johnathan Kent? All this and more on this week's episode.....

Mark as Played
March 22, 2021 60 min

This week our heroes battle the news like a cosplay kid in the early rounds of Evo. When we ask for good Captain America on the ride home, the US government says to wait we have that shit at home....

5:30 Snydercut aspect ratio / and preview for review

11:00 Army of the Dead

15:20 Sony buys EVO

22:40 Cowboy Bebop live action finished filming

25:34 Ace ventura 3 (amazon)

28:44 King of the Hill Reboot

38:10 The Falcon and the Winter Soldier...

Mark as Played
March 14, 2021 56 min

This week our heroes learn the virtue in playing to a bigger audience, or to at least have the head of your company be the figurehead for all the fan rage when things go wrong. 

3:00 WandaVision follow up

8:52 Powerpuff Girls tv show (CW)

17:20 George R.R. Martin Lost Lands

20:25 Stephen king Talisman

27:45 Kathleen Kennedy

38:40 Luke skywalker solo series

44:50 Our picks for StarWars shows

Mark as Played
March 7, 2021 61 min

This week, plans are formed, foes are thwarted, and schemes are fulfilled. Will our heroes survive the series finale of Wandaviosn or will they forever be stuck in a brady bunch era hex, chilling in Fietro's man-cave, drinking smoothies and watching Segall films?

6:32 District 10

9:40 Rangers of the New Republic staring Hera

12:17 Obi-wan will show up in Andor show

18:16 The Gray man (Netflix)

25:20 Hellsing live action (amazon)


Mark as Played
February 28, 2021 56 min

In this spectacular episode, our heroes discuss all the new tv shows coming out and a casting rumor that sounds less than fantastic. 

3:41 Redwall tv show (Netflix)

7:37 jupiter's legacy

10:30 Twisted Metal tv show

16:20 train to busan US remake

21:25 cruella

25:32 Roadmarks (HBOmax)

33:39 Superman reboot announcement

39:20 jennifer lawrence in talks to play susan storm

43:41 Spiderman news

Mark as Played
February 22, 2021 102 min

3:50 Young Rock first look

10:25 Truth Seekers Canceled 

16:50 Mortal Kombat trailer

23:10 The Overstory

31:47 Melissa Benoist signs deal with WB

42:30 Constantine HBOmax

48:32 Wandavision 

1:12:50 Agents of Shield wrap up

Mark as Played

This week our heroes tell you the news the Jedi would never tell you. tales of trailers, casting, Italian mobsters, and a comedian so powerful and so wise he could influence the minds of CEOs to create new contracts. 

3:49 Falcon and Winter Soldier 

12:46 Zach Snyder's JL: new trailer

20:03 Last of Us TV show Casting

24:07 Borderlands Movie Casting

28:32 Gina Carano gets fired

35:37 Dave Chappelle gets paid

41:20 HBOmax and CW team up


Mark as Played

This week our heroes show off their mental fortitude in a litany of topics concerning today's current events and its ramifications regarding our future, in this extra long episode. while the zeitgeist does play a prominent role in this week's episode, reviews of television and our first book club take center stage. While they are not so high on this new republic, the conversation is still dope AF.

2:00 Impractical Jokers sig...

Mark as Played
January 31, 2021 59 min

This week our heroes discuss casting news that will surely have you wanting to see the movie, anime adaptations, and a movie so bad you'll be screaming SNAKE!!! 

3:00 Liam Neeson Naked Gun

7:45 Patrick Stewart not coming back as Prof. X

11:14 Sandman casting (Netflix)

16:54 Godzilla vs Kong trailer 

21:52 Kong Skull Island Anime (Netflix)

24:20 Tomb Raider Anime

26: Konami shuts down game division 

30:30 Harry Potter tv show (HBOmax)


Mark as Played

It's easy as a consumer to feel like you're being screwed over sometimes, like soldierboy trying to join the 7, but life just isn't fair sometimes, we occasionally get Mortal Kombat or Xmen Last stand. When that happens, reach out and offer life a chocolate covered pretzel with a smile. snoogans

3:00 Dunk and egg

7:50 Batman the animated series sequel (HBOmax)

10:16 From Dusk Till Dawn animated series

12:54 Season 3 of The ...

Mark as Played
January 18, 2021 67 min

2:54 Ray fisher is out?

8:15 Matt Reeves The Future (HBOmax)

10:06 Netflix new movie every week

16:03 Equalizer tv show

18:45 Crazy samurai musashi 

21:23 Marvel rumors and news

34:46 LOTR tv show news

37:55 Lucasfilm Games

43:40 30 coins

50:44 WandaVision

Mark as Played
January 10, 2021 65 min

This week our heros judge DC, talk movie news, and address rumors, but if you take anything from this episode, remember be a hero like Jamie and don't be afraid of the vaccine it's not just for you but everyone around you. Plus i've heard it may make your dick bigger

  3:00 DC morality issues and follow ups 

 16:42 HBO lost subscribers after GoT

26:54 Disney signed Michael Waldron for multi project deal

30:20 Robert Downey ...

Mark as Played
January 3, 2021 78 min

Once they rose above the noise and confusion of DC's twitter news and future plans for HBOmax, 

our heroes did their best not to get stuck on the little things and deliver a good send off to Supernatural. but it can't all end well, 2020 was full of horrible shows and movies we need to vent about, so lay your weary head to rest and don't you cry no more.

3:30 The little things (trailer)

5:55 Elder Scrolls series (Netflix)


Mark as Played

6:53 His Dark Materials season3 news 

10:34 Reservation Dogs 

15:05 What if..... Chadwick Boseman final MCU appearance

18:15 Fatman rant 

24:20 MGM gets shut down

30:25 Legendary vs HBOmax

38:22 WW84 (spoilers)

Mark as Played
December 21, 2020 58 min

5:10 Chris Pine DnD movie

9:52 We watched Tenet

16:45 raya and the last dragon disney+

22:30 Firefly reboot

27:04 Walker trailer

31:28 Mandalorian s2 wrap up

46:50 Cyberpunk 2077 problems

Mark as Played
December 14, 2020 51 min

This week, our heroes are blessed with a bounty of new shows and movies only our supreme mouse overlord could provide. listin as they gush, for just under an hour, about how great the new line up is. Also, other shit happened too. 

3:35 Monsterhunter movie controversy 

7:40 Alien Hulu show

10:44 True Blood reboot

15:21 Spiderman 3 casting craziness

21:50 Marvel (investor day 2020)

37:06 Star Wars (investor day 2020)

Mark as Played
December 7, 2020 56 min

This week, we join our heroes as they discuss good causes, new casting, and with movie theaters coming ever closer to closing WB pulls a move that'll leave you asking, can love bloom on the battlefield? it might not be our best episode but i'm positive it's underrated.

3:16 Oscar Isaac cast as Solid Snake in MGS

6:36 WB 2021 movies on HBOmax 

14:04 #fundthebat

18:04 #SaveDaredevil

25:00 Toxic avenger remake casts Peter Dinkl...

Mark as Played

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