KUT » Two & Fro

KUT » Two & Fro


Eloquent Rage (Ep. 7)

March 20, 201845 min

45 min
Queer Southern Identity (Ep.6)

March 6, 201825 min

25 min
Slim Thicker Than a Bowl of Grits (Ep. 5)

February 20, 201832 min

32 min
Black Women’s Roles in Horror

February 6, 201833 min

33 min
Put Yah Foot in It

January 23, 201839 min

39 min
Swangin’ and Bangin’ (Ep. 2)

January 9, 201839 min

39 min
You Talk White (Ep. 1)

December 15, 201731 min

31 min

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Hosts DaLyah Jones and Jacquelyn Carter talk about underrepresented communities and issues related to the black southern experience. Two & Fro not only represents the physical looks of the hosts, but the constant movement and evolution these two black young adults experience navigating through their daily lives. Episode topics include the black southern dialect, missing black women in southern hip-hop and black women activists of the rural south. Through the podcast, they aim to speak to and help others gain an understanding of a population not catered to in public radio and podcasting. They also work to curate, validate, and relate to those who understand the black southern experience. ... Show More

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