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3 | Racine: Sights and insights into the Belle City with Cari Greving of Real Racine - State Trunk Tour

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Racine, Wisconsin's 5th largest city, features everything from modern museums to classic Frank Lloyd Wright architecture; award-winning beaches, an extensive marina, and a classic lighthouse; a bevy of events and new development; plus fascinating history, from the invention of malted milk and the garbage disposal to displaying a gun used by John Dillinger in a robbery - at the police station! Racine County adds even more. We sit down with Cari Greving of Real Racine to sort it all out to you can see what might interest you there. I-41/94, US 45, and Highways 11, 20, 31, 32, 36. 38, 75, 83, and 142 all reach Racine County.
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