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June 19, 2024 15 mins
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It's the after show decompression session,doing what they do best, clapping their
gums. Okay, well this wasa weird show today. We had phone
problems. I'm sitting here doing theChoose your News and nobody's calling, which
has never happened. You thought itwas because it was the juneteethh holiday,
didn't you. Nobody's not only working, they're not even listening to it.

That's okay, we got it allfixed. It's all happening, and tomorrow
we'll do some stupid ass contest.Yeah. We threw some switches and we're
all better now. So yeah,I'm hoping maybe we'll just get a phone
call, just to get a phonecall here during the after show. I
called earlier to make sure that thephones were working. Yeah, it's working.
Yeah, well let's see. Let'ssee who's calling here? Hello phone?

Then show? Can you hear menow? I can hear you now?
Praise Isyl Harry. You know,I kind of thought that was you,
but I wasn't sure. I thoughti'd make sure before I start making
snake jokes here on the program.You guys about your phone lines, You're

like a centipede with sore feet exactlyor a snake that needs a hip replacement.
Funny you should mention that, thoughholding mine on July thirty, a
hip replacement or a snake replacement ahip replacement. Snakes don't have hips.

Oh, still have lips. Ididn't know you having a hip replacement,
old man. Doesn't make me feelany better about my knee surgeries, though,
But I'm sorry. My sister inlaw had that done and she ended
up fine. She's so happy shegot it done. Darryl, you'll be

fine because you're too You're too ornery, you're too nrey. Hey, Daryl,
can I ask you some snake questionsbefore I let you go? By
all means? Okay. I'm kindof new to Darrell the snake Man in
my life, so I'm curious ashell. Oh oh, Darrel, you
need to bring your children up heresometime and scare the shit out of Ale.
Yeah, come on, we'll putthem in the office. It's a

studio. Yeah, okay. Uh, this is a two part question number
one. You know the Ray WileyHubbard song Snake Snake Farm? Yes,
okay. Question number two. WhenI was driving down the Corpus for a
break a few weeks ago on thirtyfive e somewhere I think there before Austin
is a place called the Snake Farm. Yes, I've seen advertising. Is

that the place that Ray wrote thesong about? Does anyone know it could
be? I believe so. Ibelieve so because he is He's from Texas.
Snake Farm. It's a reptile.I've never stopped there, have you?
Yes? When I was a kid, my parents we were driving somewhere
and we stopped at a snake farm. I always pass it on thirty five

towards San Antonio, and I neverhave stopped. And I remember looking at
a snake in a cage and hewas looking at me. I'm going,
don't do some bitch, don't getout of his cane. Yeah. When
I was before, I went back, before they actually redid it. It
was one of those World's Dirtiest Jobsepisodes, right ma. It was having
trouble. I mean, the placeis pretty rough, and I hear it's

a whole lot better. I haven'tseen it since they redid it. Snake
ship is not exactly solid form likea dog turt or anything. Is it.
It's more like a soup, isn'tit. Do you, Darryl?
Do you remember when you brought thatsnake into when I was at another radio
station. That snake ship everywhere.It also has a distinct odor to it.

It doesn't smell like no regular ship. I don't know, like rotten
digested rats or something. That birdship that didn't fall very far. Okay,
all right, it's shipped from abird that got too close to the
snake. I was in college.My best friend wanted a Boa constrictor so

bad, and so we were walkingdown Sixth Street in Austin at night,
because you know, sixth Street washopping. Oh yeah, and there was
somebody selling a Boa constrictor for twohundred bucks. I bought it for her
and for her birthday, we namedit Annabella, after Bow Wow Wow's lead
singer. Yes, Yes, what'sthe day of your surgery, Darryl July

thirtieth. Okay, we're gonna bethinking about you. Yeah, you should.
You should call us, call uswhile you're recovering. Who's going to
take care of the snakes while you'rerecovering. Oh, it's all in hand.
Well yeah, yeah, it's allbit arranged. But yeah, you
know, if you guys want meto come visit with some animals, I
could do that before the surgery.Okay, well let's let's see because we're

we're going to go on vacation prettysoon, so it'll be sometime in July.
Yeah, pass bash and past theJuly break. It sounds like it
might be a fun thing to do. Yeah, I really want to go
to the bash. I tried tobuy tickets and the site was jacked up
when I tried. But I reallyreally want to go to that. But
you guys should check out on myFacebook page, check out my story about

TCU, the whole horn the wholehypno toad thing. I planted the seed
in two thousand and nine that becamethe hypnotade phenomena at TCU. That's me.
The original horn frog is so cool. He's so psychedelic. Yeah,
oh my god, did you lickgo Hordon toad? Do you have a

psychedelic experience? Daryl, Well,actually see the horn toad that they're talking
about, And of course they don'tsay go toads, they said go frog.
Oh yeah, yeah yeah. Andthe horn toad is the Texas name
for the Texas horned lizard. Yes, And of course they don't want to
yell go lizards either. Well,and I was talking to the maskut and

I said, you do realize thesuit you're in is not a horn frog?
And he said, yeah, Iknow. And I showed him a
picture of the actual horn frog.It's a big, fat honkin frog from
South America. It looks like hip, looks like hypno toady. He said,
wow, that's it. I said, I don't mind. I don't
blame him for not wanting to weara costume that looks like this, But
who does this remind you of?And he and he, you know,

scratched his chin a little bit.I said, have you ever seen Futurama?
And his eyes got really big.That's where the story started. Really,
we used to call them horny toads. Yes, yeah, oh yeah,
oh yeah, yeah yeah. Lookit up snakedcounters dot com. You
can see the whole story. Okay, well, do you know the difference
between a frog and a horny toad? The frog goes rivet rivet the horny

toad goes rubb it rubb It stillfunny. Hang in there, Darryl.
That's a it's a really big upgradein life that you're going to be going
through with that. Eddie Van Halenhad it done. The list goes on,
Man, you're gonna you're gonna beliving life a lot better after you.

You're gonna be we'll be dancing thehula in no time. That's right,
Snake Dances. Found the best surgeon, and I'm getting it done at
Baylor. Word guy's name is uh, the guy's name, get this.
His first name is Aladdin Aladdin ladinI'm getting I'm getting a hip replacement on
a magic carbet a Laddin. Ihope his friends call him al because I

couldn't call a friend named Aladdin Aladdin. Yeah, he introduced himself as al
and I said, what's it shortfor? You said, Aladin. That's
a problem. Kind of cool.Do you know there's did in a cartoon
about you, boy, there's ajoke in there too. Bo yeahd Mali
Sabi doctor Aladdin Malisab speaking of Anna. To answer your question, if you

lick the back of a horny toad, I don't think you trip out,
but the horny toad will definitely gethorny. It has to be the Australian
cane frog. Yes, that's theone with the acid on the back.
Yeah, you know what he probablymade it up. He just wants people
to lick them because you notice theylean forward when you try to lick them.

They want you to lick them on. There's a song in there somewhere,
Ray Wiley Hubbard, get him onthe phone. Let me on.
We killed Anna. Nanna's dead.Don't be so stupor. You never thought

about a frog? Ain't us untilI said that, did you? I'm
crying. There's a drummer saying thatgoes on when drummers are tuning their drums
and trying to get those drumheads andnights and tight. Yeah, and the
bass player or somebody say, hey, do you tune your drums and the
drum it's nice and tire say tighterthan a frog's asshole, okay, And

I mean that's pretty tight because thefrog's butthole has got to be waterproof.
Yeah, that's keep the water out. I guess, so I haven't really
thought about. I also heard tighterthan a nun's vagina. That's pretty tight.
That's probably waterproof too. Yeah,not bad, not a bad conversation.
We're going down a very dark placeright now. I think better shut

up going down a water tight holetoday, right, Well, Daryl,
good luck with your surgery, man, stay in touch. Yeah, keep
us posting on in fact, infact, hold on just a minute,
okay, all right, hold on, hold on. Would you get get
Daryl's number, see if we canhook him up with some tickets? Okay,
absolutely, okay, and yeah,let's hold on to his contact info
as far as getting him up heresomeday. I have his email address,

so good, Okay, I'm goingto email him and have him send us
the number. Okay, okay,all right, wait a minute, hang
on, uh, Darryl. Anna'sgoing to email you and you send her
your phone number. Okay, hehung up on us. Oh he did,
well, Daryl. If he's stilllistening, we're gonna try. We
certainly can't make any promises. We'regonna try to scrape up a couple of

bast tickets for you certainly deserve them, yes, sir, absolutely, Oh
there you are here, there,Darryl. I had the wrong button to
you. Okay, I'm still here. Yeah. So Anna's going to send
you an email. You send herback your phone number, and we'll see
if we can hook you up withsome tickets for a front. What do
you got Anna, Darryl asnakeshow dotcom. Daryl at snakeshow dot com,
the one that you emailed from thismorning for choose your news. Yes,

ma'am all right, not show.Well, sit tight there, Darryl and
we'll see if we can hook youup. Thank you so much. You
got it, man, you gotit, Darryl the snake Mandar Terry.
We take one more call, Yeah, one more call? Hello, bowing
them show boy? Did your showtake a turn? Then? Oh?

Here we go? Really are youin shock? Yeah? Really? And
nuns vaginas. I'm like, holy, I'm going to help you. Listen
to you. I know, Itold you all, I told you many
times. I'm going straight to helland I'm taking every one of you with
you. We killed Anna again today. I think that's the fourth time we've
killed Anna this week. Oh mygod, because of Frog Pooper. That

was it. Taking everybody with you, bro, I'm going shot done,
Okay, you're right, shotgun andshoot the demons to try to mess with
it. I just I just wantedto just make sure that I heard what
I thought I heard and again,but forget it. As soon as you

hear it, as soon as youhear it. He didn't say that he
couldn't have it. That's an audiothat's an audio memory. I'm not going
to be able to get. Whatyou need to do is get a couple
of oxygen tanks in there for Anna. Eventually defense. We need automatic defense
up on the wall. Clear boomboom. Okay, So so I'm just

making a note right now, Frogs, asses and Vagina's nuns, a few
of the tightest okay, waterproof.Yeah, I'll see you guys in confession.
All right, right, come onand we'll see you on Friday.
You know what you're supposed to say, right, don't you. Matt?

That's me father, for I havesent it has been infinity since my last
confession when I yeah, I thinkwe're going to forego that. I don't
think I've made a confession in myentire life. I don't have confession.
I'm too afraid. Well that's athat's a confession, right there is you
just confess that you've never been intoconfession to you guys, that doesn't mean

Jack Ship you know what, Bowhas a side hustle. He'll take your
confession right now. I am anordained minister as you are. I got
it through mail and he did too. Jimmy married a couple at Texas Motor
Speedway. I did too, marrieda buddy at Kessler's Theater. I married
my niece and I married my nephewin a separate wedding. So I've done

two weddings. Oh, I gota whole room full of them here listen.
Speaking of a whole room full ofsame people, I want to tell
all three of you that on Fridayat Allen event Center for the blood drive,
I saw too the weirdest and funniestthings I've ever seen. The second
one involves Matth the cat number one. Okay, who's the comedian who came
in? Arnest? Arnest comes inand he's got a red cooler with him.

Now, who else brought in redcoolers? That did? Because he
brought it to me, because hegave me a big honka tuna which last
night, it was good, itwas good, delicious, Okay, red
cooler? Who else was sporting redcoolers last week? Carter Blood Care they
were bringing blood? Yeah, Okay, So I see a red cooler and

then they open it up and there'sthis big red plastic bag inside of it.
I literally thought Arnez donated blood andthen brought it over to us to
hand over. Yeah, like we'dknow what to do with it. Hey,
so did you have yesterday? Yeah? He did? He just yeah,
he said it was good. Itwas good. Okay. Part number
two was great. It really isreally is can cook anything? Part number

two? I have never not evenme and Anna, I've never seen anyone
roast Bow so hard about his injuryas Matt did. On Friday. Matt
went out and grabbed a styrofying coolerfor Bow for him to put his uh
tuna in, and then he usedthe cooler to demonstrate what Bo did three
months ago. He goes, lookwho am I? Who am I?

He does this fake jump and fallsto the ground. I'm like, damn,
that's cool. You know. Wouldhave been funny if he'd have heard
him trying to make fun of me. He did like two or three times.
That would have been karma. Yes, that was Brooklyn Cold roasting right
there, Brooklyn Cold. I didn'thurt myself and just plowed through it because

I'm a professional. All right,man, Well, we gotta run,
We gotta get out of here.Don't you run anywhere. I'm not going
there. I can't run anywhere Iwill sat. All right. Well,
that's enough of this mess. We'llsee you tomorrow for fuddl of Eels Day,
Okay, alright,
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