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Be It Resolved: Don't Count Out President Trump’s Re-election Bid. He Has A Compelling Path To Victory On November 3.

The Munk Debates Podcast

Weeks to go to one of the most consequential elections in a generation and the incumbent, President Donald Trump, is facing an increasingly challenging political environment. His Democratic opponent, Joe Biden, has enjoyed a consistent lead in the national polls as well in many key swing states. Add in a pandemic that has killed over two hundred thousand Americans and the conditions are ripe for political sea change on November 3. But seasoned election watchers say it’s far too early for the Biden’s campaign to be measuring curtains for the White House. They argue that Trump has an enthusiastic and loyal base and a highly sophisticated digital campaign tailor made for getting out the vote. Throw in a late October surprise vaccine announcement and more good job numbers and Joe Biden could find himself joining Hilary Clinton as a defeated democratic nominee. Sources: AZ Family, MSNBC, CBS News, MSN, Fox News, ABC News, NBC, Yahoo News
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