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Be It Resolved: Sweden Is The Model For How To Fight This Pandemic And The Next

The Munk Debates Podcast

In a world where shutdowns and quarantines have become the norm, Sweden stands out for choosing a pandemic strategy that is markedly different than its peer nations.  In Sweden, bars, restaurants, public spaces, and most significantly, elementary schools have continued to operate since COVID-19 began its spread through the country last March. Supporters of the Swedish model argue that its strength lies in being sustainable over the long haul. Critics say this strategy has come at way too high a price. Almost 6,000 citizens have died from the virus, one of the highest per capita death rates in the world. In this episode of the Munk Debates Podcast leading Swedish medical experts Dr. Jonas F. Ludviggson and Lena Einhorn debate the essence of these two competing arguments. Sources: Reuters, CBC, BBC, Sky News, PBS, WION, CNN, MSN, ITN
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