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Ken Ravizza Tribute - Part 2 - Episode 50 - 90% Mental

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In celebrating the life and work of Ken Ravizza, one of the most renowned psychologists in sports. I am joined by 12 professionals and friends in a four part series, where they share intimate stories and reflections about this incredible man's work, passion, and energy. Ken, was one of the pioneers that not only pushed sports psychology to the forefront, but had a major hand integrating mental skills training into Major League Baseball. Even though, Ken had touched thousands of students, athletes, coaches, and organizations in a such a positive way, these 12 interviews will signify Ken's imprint on all that work with him and who study his work. His voice, his lessons, and his sayings will never be forgotten.

Guests in order:
Part 1
1.) Josh Lifrac, Chicago Cubs, Mental Performance Director
2.) Sue Enquist, former UCLA Head Softball Coach
3.) Bob Tewksbury, former MLB player and the San Francisco Giant's Mental
Performance Coach

Part 2
4.) Justin Su'a, Boston Red Sox and Cleveland Browns Mental Performance
5.) Charlie Maher, Cleveland Indians Mental Performance Coach
6.) Graham Betchart, NBA Mental Skills Trainer

Part 3
7.) Dr. Tom Hanson, Co-Author of Heads-Up Baseball and Heads-Up Baseball
8.) John Savage, UCLA Head Baseball Coach
9.) Dr. Alison Pope-Rhodius, Chair of the Sports Psychology Department at JFK

Part 4
10.) Dr. Patrick Cohn, Sports Psychologist
11.) John Baker, former MLB player and Chicago Cubs Mental Performance
12.) Brian Cain, Peak Performance Coach

Additional tribute by Brian Cain:
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Ken Ravizza Tribute  - Part 2 - Episode 50 - 90% Mental