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Barbara Allen is a Gold Star wife, author, speaker and veterans advocate. Dave Brown is an investor and lifestyle entrepreneur. Together Barb and Dave bring you inspiring stories from exceptional Americans who will not simply inspire you, but propel you into action in your own life. The goal of American Snippets and their all-star lineup of guests is to re-ignite that spark within you, by showing you the exceptional things being done by Americans all across this great nation. Their mission is to create a meaningful platform that encourages national pride, promotes the American Dream, emphasizes the upshot of giving back, and supports all who honorably serve. Follow American Snippets as they seek out Americans who exemplify resilience and tenacity, and use their message to not only elevate yourself but others too. Find out more at

Eliminate Excuses, Build An Empire, And Live Your American Dream

October 26, 20187 min
It's FREEDOM FRIDAY. Every Friday we bring you a quick 5-15 minute message, lesson, concept, or thought that you can take into the weekend and begin to apply in your own.

I am so excited because today we have an amazing message from Elena Cardone on the American Dream. We had Elena on the show back on episode #42.  In this installment of Freedom Friday Elena Cardone talks about how the American Dream is available to anyone who is willing to eliminate all excuses and work hard towards achieving it. She believes anyone can build an empire with the opportunities that exist in this country.