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Frezer Rice: August 13th, 2018 Episode

August 14, 201854 min
Frazer Rice is the President of Wealth Actually LLC.  Wealth Actually is a financial services and legal media company.  Today’s reality is that advice companies need to be media companies as well. WA will help businesses and individuals recognize this reality and use it to amplify their presence and increase their business.
On August 7th, 2018, Frazer released his first book “Wealth, Actually” through Lioncrest Press.  In Wealth, Actually, Frazer shares his approach to wealth management. Through a combination of philosophical discussion, practical advice, humor, and anecdotes, he shows how prosperous individuals can determine what they want their wealth to do; communicate with loved ones about their fortune; avoid overspending; handle wealth threats; evaluate, grow, and protect investments; and choose the best advisors.  It can be purchased at WWW.WEALTHACTUALLY.COM.