Medicine and Health with Dr Paul
Dr. Anderson is medical director of Anderson Medical Specialty Associates, a clinic focusing on the care of patients with cancer and chronic diseases. Through his clinical practice and medical research he has developed improved methods for improving quality of life for patients with cancer and other chronic illnesses. Former positions include professor of Pharmacology and Clinical Medicine at Bastyr University and Chief of IV Services for Bastyr Oncology Research Center. He is a graduate of NCNM and began instructing classes at medical schools in the early 1990’s. He continues to hold many courses for physician and medical student training all across North America.

What can you do THIS YEAR to Live a Fuller Healthier Life!

January 31, 201954 min
In this program Dr. Anderson will give an overview based on hard learned lessons to planning your future. How to move toward being the “best you” and live your best life. In this program Dr. Anderson will tell parts of his story that led him to make life changes to work toward positive change and a healthier life. Sometimes we feel the need for change but don’t know what or how – and that feeling is because our internal “compass” is in a new direction from where our sails are set.