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Creative Mortgage Solutions

November 13, 201856 min
“Creative Mortgage Solutions for Retirement” with JASON YOUROFSKY
We are thrilled to welcome founder of Atlantis Mortgage, JASON YOUROFSKY, this month on Smart Women Talk Radio.

•Why a reverse or forward mortgage might be something to explore before or during retirement.
•With rates rising, how to make the best choice when looking at mortgage options.
•Common mortgage mistakes people make.

Jason Yourofsky began his career in the mortgage industry in 1997 fresh out of Michigan State University’s Eli Broad College of Business. He learned the ins and outs of the mortgage industry at a “small lender” for four years before founding Atlantis Mortgage in 2001 where it was formed under the premise of “No Closing Cost Purchase or Refinance” because Jason noticed people were looking for an alternative to the big banks fees and cost, so he created the no cost, no fee purchase or refinance. Jason and his team have closed $2 billion dollars in mortgages within the state of Michigan and another $250 million in refinances and purchases outside of Michigan.

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