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E007 - The Time is Now with Kent Clothier

June 28, 201750 min
If anyone is qualified to speak on the perils of good fortune, it’s Kent Clothier. He was running a multi-million dollar business in high school and a multi-billion dollar business after that. He would have been set for life, had he not fallen prey to the perils of that success. The fall from glory was brutal, and Kent was faced with challenges greater than he’d ever imagined he’d face. With a renewed commitment to himself and those he loves, Kent doubled down on life and business, rebuilding not just a financial fortune but his own vision of happiness. Just when he thought he’d fully recovered, a brush with tragedy taught him even more about what’s most important in life. Now he helps others find the same personal and professional clarity he’s found, having learned from his failures as well as his success. Listen in to hear his inspirational story. If you enjoyed this episode, check out the featured article, video, and more at

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