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Ben Hurley: The world of Kiwi comedy - Between Two Beers Podcast

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We talk about the most interesting experiences across seven years as Match Day host for the Black Caps, *that* one night he went out with Laura McGoldrick, Martin Guptill and Jesse Ryder in Nelson, making a living in the Wellington comedy scene alongside Flight of the Conchords and Taika Waititi, the best stories across a decade at 7days and what the future of comedy looks like in NZ.

1.34 Covid chat, similarities between Seamus and Ben: World Series Cricket and 90s rugby league trading cards, and a staple in the Holloway household from the late 90s through to present day

6.56 Seven years as the Match Day Host for NZ Cricket

10.53 White wines at the NRL Grand Final

13.38 A night out in Nelson with Laura McGoldrick, Martin Guptill, and Jesse Ryder

16.24 From small town Hawera to Victoria University: the making of Ben Hurley

24.11 Tracing the comedy journey: dying for the first time, riffing, and honing material over time

33.43 The Wellington comedy scene: Ben Hurley, some guys called Flight of the Conchords, and Taika Cohen!?

39.01 The importance of Pulp Comedy

41.36 Then and now: competition between New Zealand comedians and podcasts

45.07 Going to the UK and a Rose Matefao interlude

48.35 Back to New Zealand and the launch of 7 Days

56.26 Crossing over into mainstream TV: The Project and the dream job on Seven Sharp

1.01.20 Cricket chat: the Comedians XI, commentating the World Test Championship with the ACC

1.07.34 Social media, TikTok comedy, and breaking through in 2021

1.09.35 Mad Monday: Hurley’s Heroes, Owen Delany Park, and OnlyFans

1.16.00 Eddie Murphy stand up, cancel culture, Jason Pine and last words from Steven, Seamus and Ben
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Ben Hurley: The world of Kiwi comedy - Between Two Beers Podcast