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Chloë McCardel: The world's greatest open-water swimmer - Between Two Beers Podcast

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Chloe’s story tests the limits of human endurance, and it may stretch your appreciation of what the human body and mind can achieve.  She is probably the greatest ultra-marathon swimmer in history, and holds world records for the longest non-stop swim (124 km, 42 hours) and the most crossings of the English Channel (44). 

In this episode we talk about where her mental strength comes from, where her mind goes mid-swim - during the dark times, how she deals with shark danger, the time she nearly died 17 hours into a world record attempt, the time she had to abort a swim due to jellyfish stings, the mental anguish of swimming for 42 hours and what it does to the body and mind and so many other incredible stories. 

Chloe might be the toughest athlete we’ve talked to on this pod. The mental strengh it takes to do what she has done is inspiring – and makes you question the limitations you’ve put on yourself.. And shes so articulate at relaying her thinking at every step of the journey. I know you’ll enjoy this one. 

Show notes | Episode 76 | Chloë McCardel

1.52: Seamus reveals his rules around water and his fear of the ocean

4.04: Setting the scene: “I wanted to be the best in the world at something”

8.27:Steven’s swimming journey towards a 10km open water swim

11.45: Chloë on mental strength, your purpose, and finding your calling

13.33: The English Channel

23.51: Signing Steven up to the England to Belgium Relay Swim

26.33: Coaching athletes to open water swimming

30.07: Breaking down the mechanics of an ultra-marathon swim

35.04: The importance of the support crew

38.07: The failed triple crossing attempt in 2011: 30 minutes from death

43.12: Shark chat

47.34: The Cuba to USA 160km swim attempt

51.11: The 124km world record unassisted open water swim

59.25: Could you do further?

1.02.50: Media exposure and external support for the challenges 1.05.07 Do you learn more from success or failure?

1.07.02: Using her platform to raise awareness on domestic abuse

1.09.51: Mental strength v physical strength

1.14.28: Thoughts on “being the best in world at something”

1.17.05: Weird things seen in the ocean while open water swimming

1.21.00: Last words from Steven, Seamus and Chloë

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Chloë McCardel: The world's greatest open-water swimmer - Between Two Beers Podcast