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Chris Parker: What you don't see on Instagram - Between Two Beers Podcast

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On this episode of Between Two Beers we talk to Chris Parker. 

Chris is an award-winning comedian, actor and writer who's been on shows like Golden Boy, Funny Girls, Jono and Ben, 7 Days and the hit stage show Hudson and Halls. He’s also got one of NZ’s most entertaining Instagram pages and won the 2021 edition of Celebrity Treasure Island.  In this episode we talk about his new book and his recent wedding, writing for Jono and Ben and auditioning for David Bain, using tears as a weapon, the landscape of pornography in New Zealand, the process of creating viral clips and much, much more. 

Chris is a world-class storyteller and has an infectious personality. He’s really fun company and there were so many laughs in this one. 

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Show notes | Episode 102 | Chris Parker

2:00: The end of book launch week

6:27: Writing the book

8:18: Getting married and deconstructing the wedding process

13:11: Viral content

16:42: The importance of Snort comedy

23:18: Hudson and Halls and campness

33:26: Becoming head writer at Jono and Ben

38:34: The goldfish story and David Bain

45:10: Musings on birds and other topics from Hayley Sproull

49:01: Making good content

57:00: Winning Celebrity Treasure Island

1:09:32: Going back to high school

1:16:01: Using tears as a weapon

1:21:18: Eat, pray, love, shit

1:26:34: The landscape of pornography in New Zealand

1:30:07: Last words from Steven, Seamus and Chris

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Chris Parker: What you don't see on Instagram - Between Two Beers Podcast