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Laura McGoldrick: What you don't see on camera - Between Two Beers Podcast

Between Two Beers Podcast

Laura is a broadcaster, presenter, radio host, MC and part time actress and one of the most popular faces on television in New Zealand.
Show notes:

1.46 The Guptill / McGoldrick wedding: including Jason Gunn as MC, a star-studded table, and the Matt Heath rendition of Deja Voodoo’s “Beers”

8.30 Who am I? “I took her to my school leavers’ ball. She’s my best mate’s sister and it was a top notch night. But I think she danced with my dad more than me though L”

11.07 Reflections on the Cricket World Cup Super Over from a broadcast and partner point-of-view and the aftermath on the pitch

23.18 Back to 2015 and doubling down on Cricket World Cup disappointment

25.36 Meeting Guppy for the first time on The Cricket Show

28.55 Growing up in Christchurch with her dad running Jade Stadium and her mum the super-agent

34.08 Not just athletes: Jason Gunn, Phillip Leishman and acting

38.16 The Stephen Colbert experience

44.02 Meeting Meghan Markle

48.56 Cutting her teeth on The Cricket Show

53.31 Life in front of the camera

56.40 Live events: the Dame Valerie Adams gold medal ceremony and covering the Olympic Games

1.01.14 An Emma Twigg interlude

1.04.22 Radio: Laura’s time at Radio Hauraki and moving into The Hits

1.10.14 The challenges of being a women in a male-dominated field

1.16.10 The Pakistan tour and being a partner of a cricketer

1.19.55 Laura’s process for MCing and hosting the Cricket World Cup opening ceremony

1.24.17 The Harlem Globetrotters of cricket

1.27.32 Where is the journey heading?

1.29.00 Last words from Steven, Seamus and Laura

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Laura McGoldrick: What you don't see on camera - Between Two Beers Podcast