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Monty Betham: How to become an effective leader - Between Two Beers Podcast

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In this episode we talk about Monty's life after sport, his success in the business world and transitioning to punditry, his relationship with his father and reflections on a difficult childhood, why the NRL voted him the scariest player in the early 2000s, why he took the Shane Cameron fight at Fight For Life when no rugby player wanted to fight him and why he walked away from rugby league. 

Show notes | Monty Betham

1.38: Winning the morning, losing touch, good comms, 26 years of marriage

5.18: Warriors and Team Talks on Instagram and the obligatory Emma Twigg mention, plus Steve’s white gloves memory

7.02: The relationship with Monty Betham Snr: growing up around violence and abuse, life lessons, bullying, and redemption

17.30: A leader of men as the youngest ever Warriors captain

21.12: “Putting on the ugly head”: Monty on his role as the enforcer

29.37: Highs and lows at the Warriors

32.11: Walking away from rugby league and the transition to boxing

36.00: Fighting Shane Cameron at the Fight for Life

39.51: Rugby league v boxing

40.52: Looking back at the boxing career and eventually retiring from boxing

48.14: Continuous improvement, a comeback of sorts at The Fight for Life, and training Jimmy Spittle

55.37: Punditry, interviewing, and the art of asking good questions

1.01.18: Last words from Steven, Seamus and Monty

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Monty Betham: How to become an effective leader - Between Two Beers Podcast