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PJ Harding: Why I walked away from radio stardom - Between Two Beers Podcast

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We talk to PJ about why she walked away from radio at the top of her game, what she’s planning next, her relationship with former co-host Jase – and the realities of breakfast radio, and we document Seamus’ rough run attempting to slide into PJ’s Instagram DMs from years ago.

Show notes | Episode 74 | Polly Harding

1.28 The journey from Melbourne to Masterton (or Mount Bruce)

6.40 PJ or Polly? And baby Campbell on the way

9.26 Polly lights up Seamus and his rough run attempting to slide into her Instagram DMs from years ago

18.55 Jase Hawkins and Producer Alex on PJ – including the time she shat on the bedroom floor

22.02 How much of yourself can you share on air?

28.31 Back to the start of the journey: becoming a station voice, starting on ZM, dealing with imposter syndrome, and finding her on-air personality

33.37 “An arranged marriage”: the origins of Jase and PJ

40.50 Australia comes calling

49.42 Authenticity and relatability: is any of it an act?

52.16 The realities of working breakfast radio and the impact on normal life

55.46 Leaving Jase and PJ and the decision to come home

1.05.51 Contrasting lifestyles: living off the grid v an Instagram account of over 100 thousand followers

1.10.34 Celebrities: charity boxing, sliding into DMs, intimidating interviews

1.16.56 Radio stunts, getting married on air, and First Dates NZ

1.20.33 Last words from Steven, Seamus and PJ

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PJ Harding: Why I walked away from radio stardom - Between Two Beers Podcast