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Ruth Croft: What it's really like to win a 100 mile race - Between Two Beers Podcast

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On this episode of Between Two Beers we talk to Ruth Croft. 

Ruth is New Zealand’s trail running queen. In 2021 she made headlines winning the 102km Tarawera Ultra outright – the top man or woman – and then finished second at Western States in her first attempt at running 100 miles. She returned this year, to win the race (referred to as one of the toughest races on the planet) conquering the 161km race in blistering California heat in 17 hours. 

In this episode we talk about the mentality of navigating a 100 mile challenge, where the 'race really only starts after 100km', her journey through meditation to multi-day silent retreats - and why she has started doing them in the dark, why she walked away from running after college in the US, moving to Taiwan by herself when she knew no one and couldn’t speak their language, the most exotic locations she’s run in, coming back to NZ, media exposure and so much more. 

This ep will blow your mind. Ruth might be the mentally strongest athlete we’ve talked to. She’s won 10 of the last 12 races she’s competed in, against the best ultra-athletes in the world. And after listening to this, you’ll understand why. Such a thoughtful, disciplined, inspiring Kiwi legend. You’re gonna love this. 

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This episode was brought to you from the Export Beer garden studio. Enjoy. 

Show notes | Episode 106 | Ruth Croft

2:00: “Easing” back into running in Taiwan with a casual 20km run

5:50: Short runs: “Oh, no that’s a different curry story!”

8:47: Jumping off Brunner Bridge as an initiation

11:16: Meditation and silent retreats

16:28: Darkness retreats!

20:45: Mastering the mind

24:52: Ruth’s West Coast competitiveness

27:54: The origin story: Growing up on the West Coast

31:07: The US college experience

39:11: Walking away from running and the importance of Taiwan

43:17: The journey to professional running and the nuances of distance running

50:04: “The race starts at 100km”: The Western States 100 mile race

57:35: The support crew at a trail race

1:02:32: Coaches: Jono Wyatt and Eddie Gray

1:05:48: The support of a good partner (with a dinosaur suit)

1:08:55: Having fun in a 100 mile race

1:10:16: Thoughts on winning the Tarawera Ultra

1:12:35: Life as a professional runner

1:17:42: The lure of the Olympics?

1:19:38: Some of the exotic running locations on the circuit

1:23:10: Coming home to New Zealand and thoughts on the running community

1:28:03: Last words from Steven, Seamus and Ruth


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Ruth Croft: What it's really like to win a 100 mile race - Between Two Beers Podcast