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Ryan Fox: The best and worst of life on tour - Between Two Beers Podcast

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Ryan Fox is one of NZ’s best golfers and has won two European Tour titles and has 13 professional wins. 
In this episode we talk about how he celebrated his recent win in the Ras Al Khaimah Classic and what happens to the $500,000 dollar prize money, what it was like playing a hole with Tiger Woods – and we hear all his best Tiger stories, memories of his late, great mate Shane Warne, how Steve Hansen’s advice helped him out of a funk, what makes Steve Williams such a good caddy and how his upbringing, surrounded by Kiwi sporting royalty, shaped his life. 

Show notes | Episode 77 | Ryan Fox

1.29: Back in the ACC studios, a Covid test fail from Seamus, and Ryan tells us about fishing and golfing at The Fox with Eric Murray, Neil Wagner, and Wayne Smith

7.30: Ryan Fox on Shane Warne

17.28: Pro-am golf: friendly bets, banter, being outdriven by Martin Guptill, running it close with Tim Henman

21.48: Sleeping on a six-shot lead at the Ras Al Khaimah Classic

29.56: The aftermath of the win at the Ras al Khaimah Classic

41.34: A breakdown of costs on the golf tour

47.11: Learning from Steve Williams and stories on Tiger Woods

55.06: A practice hole with Tiger in 2019

1.01.16: The difference between the top 10 in the world and the rest

1.02.51: Riding the wave of a win and chats with Steve Hansen and Sir John Kirwan

1.07.46: Rubbing shoulders with ex-All Blacks and ex-pro golfers and getting recognised in public

1.10.12: Memories of Grant Fox the All Black and Merv Wallace the cricketer

1.19.12: Falling in love with golf and turning it into a professional career

1.25.20: Are golfers weird guys?

1.27.26: The Saudi Arabia project with Greg Norman

1.29.44: Some long drive chat

1.34.38: Ryan’s relationship with golf in New Zealand

1.38.19: Quick fire golf chat: double Albatross, meltdowns, a hole-in-three, hardest shots, best foursome

1.43.45: Last words from Steven, Seamus and Ryan

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Ryan Fox: The best and worst of life on tour - Between Two Beers Podcast