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In this episode we talk about Styris' ‘streetfighter’ nickname and the most high-profile on-field confrontations across his career, why he’s not a good fit for the Black Clash, how the Indian commentary scene really works, the best pranks and gags from his high-profile marriage with his wife Nicky, the realities of life as a travelling player and pundit and his side of the story from his tussle with Anton Devcich in a Wellington hotel. 

Show notes | Episode 68 | Scott Styris

Show notes | Episode 68 | Scott Styris

1.39 Wrong emails, Fergburger, Botswana Butchery, Wally Lees, and the Gibbston Valley cricket match

4.41 Some niche Hamilton Boys’ High School content: invented cricket stories from Chris Kuggeleijn, 1st XI cricket, 1st XI football, 1st XV rugby, 1st VII volleyball

12.29 The real world: growing up, pressure to study, getting a job and juggling a cricket career

20.04 A stickler for the rules?

22.02 Scott Styris v Anton Devcich: The Styris perspective

26.16 Jimmy Pamment: mucking up warm ups, the Champions League, and retirement

29.45 Scott Styris v Mitchell Johnson

37.36 The Black Clash

40.13 Targeting Graeme Smith and Faf du Plessis, and the kings of sledging Shane Warne and Tim Southee

48.20 Cricket’s nice guys: The Black Caps of the modern era

50.22 The relationship with Nicky Styris: first night out, a hole-in-one, Wilson golf clubs, and Scott Stryis branded active wear

58.01 Starting out for the Black Caps: taking the wickets of Sachin Tendulkar and Brian Lara

1.02.21 The first ever T20 and the first ever T20 bowl off against the West Indies

1.07.11 The IPL and thoughts on the shorter form of the game

1.11.42 Looking back on a 20 year career in cricket: amateur to professional and pre-T20 to T20

1.15.39 Life on the road on the T20 circuit

1.18.21 The fallout with Mark Richardson and the world of the commentary box

1.22.55 Scott Styris the coach?

1.24.36 Commentating in the IPL and impressions of India

1.27.51 A future career as a “stop / go” man

1.30.00 Niche areas: fantasy baseball league and cricket in PNG

1.34.38 Last words from Steven, Seamus and Scott

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Scott Styris: The all-rounder - Between Two Beers Podcast