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Shane Cameron: The real story of The Mountain Warrior - Between Two Beers Podcast

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In this episode we talk about Shane's upbringing in the tiny town of Tiniroto and why he left school at 13, his epic training camp with Mike Tyson in Arizona – and what it was like to fight the baddest man on the planet, we talk about THAT fight with David Tua, when and why it turned personal, the heartbreak, the aftermath and their relationship now, his unlikely appearance on Dancing with the Stars and how he cut 16 kgs in three months to fight Danny Green. 

Show notes | Episode 69 | Shane Cameron

1.49: Lamb in the slow cooker, Instagram content, being in the best shape of your life at 44, and where you were for The Fight of the Century

6.51: Growing up in Tiniroto: a pub and a school, shepherding, and leaving school at 13

11.12: A solitary life: “I dreamt about being a shepherd”

15.58: Heading off on an OE

18.37: Picking up boxing at the age of 20

22.40: Sparring with the ‘Baddest Man on the Planet’: three weeks with Mike Tyson

28.33: Mike Tyson on Shane Cameron

32.04: Mike Tyson: A “gifted” man

33.53: Thoughts on Tyson coming out of retirement and the rise of YouTube fighters

36.07: Shane Cameron and David Tua: The early years

39.55: “It became personal”: The Fight of the Century

44.49: The aftermath of The Fight of the Century

47.38: Reconciliation: dinner with David Tua years later

51.15: Cutting weight for the Danny Green fight and redemption against Monte Barrett

55.33: Putting yourself in uncomfortable positions: Dancing with the Stars

58.52: Living on a rice and coconut diet on Celebrity Treasure Island

1.01.38: Shane Cameron Fitness, Counter Punch, Counter Punch Fitness App

1.05.06: Reflecting on the life of Shane Cameron

1.09.59: Last words from Steven, Seamus and Shane

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Shane Cameron: The real story of The Mountain Warrior - Between Two Beers Podcast