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Welcome to the Buy & Hold Wealth Podcast. This cutting edge Real Estate Investing Podcast is focused on helping investors Acquire, Manage, and Grow portfolios of rock solid, cash flowing, residential investment property. This show focuses the important topics that matter most to modern Buy & Hold real estate investors. Our philosophy on this Podcast is to buy & hold better Quality Properties in Economically Stable Neighborhoods and lease them to Highly Qualified Tenants. After 20 years of buy-and-hold real estate investing we believe this strategy is a recipe for success for literally everyone. We do not believe in owning low end rental properties in marginal neighborhoods, in fact we strongly discourage that type of reckless real estate investing. Zack Wiest, the host of this show, has been a full-time real estate investor for the last 20 years and has bought, rehabbed and sold more than 1,300 rental properties. Zack currently owns a sizable rental portfoli... Show More

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