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Understanding & Preventing Suicide

Embrace Change Radio with Kate Olson

Suicide is a serious and difficult topic, but one we need to talk about. It is increasing at an alarming rate and has recently been called an epidemic. It is impacting young people and our veteran communities at rates that are increasing constantly and disproportionately. Suicide is not only a topic we need to talk about, but we need to seriously look at and find solutions to this mental health issue.

I will be talking with Debby Simmons, PhD, LFMT and Director of Primrose Healing & Wellness in Burlingame, CA and Frank King, Nationally Acclaimed Speaker, known as the Mental Health Comedian, Podcast Host, Former Writer for the Tonight Show & Suicide Prevention Advocate. Our guests will give insight on the causes behind suicide and ways of dealing with and preventing this tragedy. Few people really know how to handle this situation and be helpful. Tune in for some insight and valuable information.
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