Fault Lines

Fault Lines


President Trump Declares a National Emergency

February 15, 2019231 min

231 min
Can Trump and Congress Find Common Ground on Immigration?

February 14, 2019231 min

231 min
Challenging the Narratives of the Political Establishment

February 13, 2019230 min

230 min
Rep. Ilhan Omar Faces Blowback for Israel/AIPAC Tweets...

February 12, 2019232 min

232 min
Are We Days Away from ANOTHER Government Shutdown?

February 11, 2019232 min

232 min
Is Elitism Incompatible with Populism & Democracy?

February 8, 2019232 min

232 min
Political Turmoil in Virginia as the Scandals Mount

February 7, 2019230 min

230 min
Will Trump's 'State of the Union' Further Polarize Washington DC?

February 5, 2019230 min

230 min
Sorry NBC, We Won’t Stop Talking About Tulsi Gabbard

February 4, 2019226 min

226 min
Garland Goes to Hawaii for Tulsi Gabbard's Presidential Announcement!

February 1, 2019231 min

231 min

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