Fred Zacaria Podcast

Fred Zacaria Podcast

Fred Zacaria born in 1959, studied in Rome at the University 'La Sapienza' (1303 AD), is the founder since 2001 of "Acap", a charitable italian mission called "Associazione Cristiana Aiuto Pratico", i.e. "Christian Association for Practical Help", helping the needy with free food, clothing, various useful courses, and mainly domestic jobs; tens of thousands of families and persons found jobs through the mission. He ran 4 prayer halls in Rome open to the public all year round from 2001 till 2017, the mission since then is online (smart working), prayer meetings and gatherings are held sometimes in private homes. He was a public orator speaking in italian churches and travelling Italy from north to south from 1998 to 2002 , has read the equivalent of hundreds of books in italian, english and arabic on many different subjects, visited many countries in europe, middle east, gulf area, has been twice in the USA (NY, DC, Atlanta Georgia, Orando Florida), he is of mixed parents [egyptian-italian], since 2015 is the founder of a christian gnostic concept [based on ancient egyptian knowledge], called the "zacarian christian gnosticism" , already discussed in some cultural circuits. Fred Zacaria was born roman catholic (30 years), then became a fondamentalist evangelical (30 years), his expertise is "Revelation 13" since 1975! For further information visit Q&A?---> Tel. +39.3807770333 Rome, Italy. Podcasts, search: fred zacaria podcast *He is present on the internet in many platforms, search : fred zacaria. ________________ .......................Disclaimer: This podcast is classified as dystopian fiction in the fields of science, politics, religion; it uses metafors and allegorical novellas. Any similarity to circumstances or actual persons living or dead is purely coincidental. ........................(italiano) ........................Liberatoria: *Le narrazioni e considerazioni in questo podcast sono metafore allegoriche di fantasie distopiche di carattere scientifico, politico, religioso. .......................(arabic) ....................... :براءة ذمة قناة فريد زكريا مصنفه قصص "خيال" علمي , سياسي , ديني٠ كل الروايات لاتنتسب الى اي حقائق او اشخاص احياء او اموات بل يجب اعتبارها صدف٠ * * *


August 12, 2022 25 min
Eugenicisation* of the Society at large, is it fantasy?


- "Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction!"
 (Mark Twain)
-"Imagination Is More Important Than Knowledge!"  
(Albert Einstein) 


This work is classified as dystopian fiction in the fields of science, politics, religion; it uses metafors and allegorical novellas. Any similarity to circumstances or actual persons l...
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Liberatoria : Fred Zacaria Podcast è narrativa di fantasia scientifica, politica, religiosa.

Complottismo e Demenza, esiste qualche correlazione?

In questo episodio il fratello fred zacaria parlerà della sua esperienza nel complottismo, dagli anni 70 fino adesso e le varie tappe, descritte come pietre miliari.
Esamina dal punto di vista scientifico (fanta) la possibilità che possa sussistere una...
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ITALIANO : in fondo.

التأكيدات الإيجابية في هذه الحلقة.
الاهتزازات مستوى جاما بيتا ألفا ثيتا دلتا.
نطاق اهتزاز عالي. دلتا منخفضة الاهتزاز.
العقل الواعي ,اللاوعي.
قل التعاطف الرحمة.
لا تستخدم لا . لا تستخدم الماضي أو المستقبل. استخدم كلمتين كحد أقصى 3 كلمات. لا تستخدم جمل طويلة.



1- فريد زكريا من مواليد 1959 ، درس في جامعة لا سابينزا في روما ، وهو مؤسس منذ عام 2001 لـ "Acap" ، Associazione Cristiana Aiuto Pratico ، و...
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(English) Restrained Antithesis part 8 (Final Part)
In this final part here are some talking points:
-characteristics of a false opposition, exalting themselves and disparaging the other part without giving any concrete proposals, no clear points.
-no coordinates given: no addresses, no phone numbers, no strategies of action, nothing, just yada yada yada.
-one trillion is spent on...(?)


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July 7, 2022 12 min
In questo episodio ascoltiamo Cherin nel suo compleanno, ci parla di musica (chitarra e alcuni cantanti), e altri temi interessanti.

Tanti auguri Cherin, che tu possa essere sempre felice.

Dio ti benedica e buon ascolto.

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Lo sbarco nella mente subconscia, altroché lo sbarco su Marte!

in questo audio il fratello Fred Zacaria affronta il vecchio dilemma di come programmare efficacemente la mente subconscia con pensieri positivi per il benessere dell'umanità, e spiega che sono state fatte alcune scoperte intorno alla tecnica e meccanica del subconscio,

ma siamo ancora lontani dal produrre un protocollo sicuro che possa penetrare tutti gli strati dell...
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-----this is a fantasy podcast-----

In this episode brother Fred Zacaria answers some questions regarding :

-what an open source platform is all about?
-what does peer to peer mean?
-how does it work?
-what is a confederate internet network?

and then he speaks about recent past and present projects, answering some questions regarding:

-what is the zacarian christian gnosticism?
-why did he leave catholicism after 30 years?
-why did he leave...
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Questo episodio può essere visualizzato in formato video , cliccare questo link :


In questo audio il fratello Fred Zacaria, classe 1959 e residente a Roma zona metro Battistini, si presenta e condivide la sua testimonianza di cammino spirituale, con le varie tappe e pietre miliari: il cattolicesimo, l'evangelicalismo fondamentalist...
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Dear Friend,

I'm back after a long period of silence, five months!

I've been meditating, thinking, as a mystic I have to take into account many factors, anyway it seems like the world is now starting to breathe with a little more ease after more than two years of sufferings, let us pray that is the case.

In this episode I will be explaining some stealthy tricks used by the "nimrodians"
(the globalists) to delve even...
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Who invented the hierarchy?

(series "Restrained Antithesis" - part 6 of 8)
December 2021

-ancient egypt/pharaoh/to Nimrod
-from there to the east first then to Greco-Romans
-ancient Romans startled by it dedicated its first character, the A!
-principle of compartimentalization
-the hierarchy is depositary of very ancient secrets passed down the line from generation to generation and always upgraded ..on how to control the popula...
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Restrained Opposition 19/12/2021

Is resisting "Revelation 13" possible?

-are the doctors revealing mind mechanisms to the "nimrodians" knowingly aware that those techniques will be used
against its own people?

-what does it mean "come out of her my people"? (Rev.18:4).

-is the "ism" of the "Zacaria Christian Gnosticism" (ZCG) a cult?
Answer : No. cult=existence of a community, people turnover...
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December 17, 2021 34 min
Description will follow shortly.

This podcast is Fantasy (religious, political, history etc).
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December 16, 2021 34 min
Description will follow shortly.

This is a fantasy podcast (religious, politics, history, etc.).
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December 16, 2021 22 min
Description will follow shortly.

This is a fantasy podcast (religious, politics, history, etc.).
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In this episode fred zacaria will answer some questions:
-are we the ones creating our opponents?
-is any opposition perpetuating and fuelling itself?
-is the "autoimmune" medical fact a mirror of humanity extincting itself cyclically?
-did "mother gaia" (us) extinct itself billions of times in the past?
-are we in a mind controlled template?
-is taking distance from "emotions" and embracing "analysis" the...
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حراس العصور الماضية ما اسمهم الآن ؟

حراس العصور الماضية أي الحراس اللذين لم يأخذوا أي أجر
(عمل مجاني).

Sentinels (hurras) intending the voluntary ones, not the ones who had a regular income from the local authorities.
+39.3807770333 only sms.
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The Sentinels of the past have a very peculiar name in our modern age (I mean the voluntary-no-paycheck Sentinels), they were disliked by normal and gullible people but the elders and sages loved them (elders now similar to Senators).

Rome Italy


*if you like this fantasy podcast and want to support the idea of resisting what "Revelation 13" can predict happening in the future, well, you can ask ...
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Le sentinelle dei secoli scorsi avevano un ruolo cruciale nella sopravvivenza di un insediamento umano (accampamento, villaggio, cittadina, grande città o metropoli che sia), quelli nelle torri fortificate erano amati rispettati e temuti dal popolino, gli anziani e saggi dei (villaggi, città ecc) invece "prediligevano" le sentinelle poverine cioè quelle che lavoravano gratuitamente e vo...
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هل "الغاز لايتنج" أي المصباحية "الإسـتعباط أو الإسـتهبال" مزروعة فطريا في الطبيعة البشرية ؟

المصباحية هي التلاعب الخبيث بالعقل أو العقول على المستوى الفردي أو

الجماعي يقوم بها شخص نرجسي ، بشكل عام لزعزعة استقرار والمحاوره

.العاطفيه من أجل تدريبه والحصول على فوائد مادية وغير مادية

قناة "بودكاست فريد زكريا" مصنفه قصص "خيال" علمي \ سياسي \ ديني٠ كل

الروايات ليست متصلة ول...
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Is "gaslighting" an intrinsic part of human nature?

Galighting is a malignant manipulation carried out by a narcissistic person, generally to emotionally destabilize his interlocutor in order to intern him and obtain material and non-material benefits.

There is micro-gaslighting on a personal and family level or among friends, then there is also macro-gaslighting, at an institutional (national) but also international level ....
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