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That Time We Sang Karaoke - Haze & Jasen

Haze & Jasen

This is one of our FAVORITE episodes we've recorded yet!

We're jam packed full of new content for you this week. In "The Dirty", we're giving you what we like to call... the TAYLOR SWIFT SANDWICH (listen to find out what that means).
We have a new "Wacky But True" about burglars, "Throwback Throwup" about 12 year-olds, and one of THE BEST "Wingin' It" segments we've ever done (Caution: there might be singing, and it's bad).

Celebrity gossip and your two sassy best friends. It's an all new episode of Haze & Jasen!
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That Time We Sang Karaoke - Haze & Jasen