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“There was a whole different world outside of the bubble I grew up in! Thank goodness I found it!” ~Calynda Triffo Everyone has a story... Calynda was raised in a large family, excelled in school, started in the corporate world in her early twenties and became a single mom of two. Being responsible for two children meant she had to do double duty... it eventually caught up to her. Battling debilitating anxiety disorder and panic attacks became a daily reality. Searching relentlessly for solutions only led her to medication that made her feel numb. At 36, life looked bleak, with little hope. In 2009, everything went wrong. Deaths, failing career, declining health, lost relationships, accidents and depreciating finances were all challenges she was facing in addition to her diagnosis. Her insides felt like they were going to explode with her digestive system not working properly. Funerals were the new family gathering and she finally collapsed after losing... Show More

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