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HIP HOP & POLITICS is a radio show and pod cast geared towards engaging the youth in politics and current events. Dr. Terry L. Walker MBA/DBA founded the show in 2016 during the Presidential primary elections. Terry realized that young people were campaigned to by politicians reaching out to schools and churches. These schools and churches then hold rallies and events in an attempt to persuade the young people to vote based on the beliefs of administration. There was no platform where the young people were able to discuss and decide what was best for them. They had no voice even though (ironically) they were the swing voters. Swing voters are the most important voters because no one knows which direction they will lean towards during the vote. The show was started literally to explain politics and current events to the young people in a way that they would understand it and then give them freedom to discuss the issues and make informed decisions. Dr. Walker ... Show More

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