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May 3, 2022 41 mins
I’ve prepared a feast for you today! our guest is Callie Cavanaugh,
Founder and CEO of Nonna Eats who was named “Best Private Chef Service” in Modern Luxury: Silicon Valley, Voyage Denver, and Community Connection by The Burgess Group, just to name a few.

Cooking since she was 5 – and now with culinary school, training in Italy and an advanced degree in interaction design under her apron – Callie believes that exploration and curiosity lead to innovation. She develops cutting-edge yet functional experiences to bring people back to the table and build more empathy and better relationships.

This episode is about more than eating and socializing: Callie shares the ordinary habits that helped her get to where she is, collaborating with incredible creative chefs and offering extraordinary experiences around the country.

“Curiosity has pushed me beyond flavor, and ingredients to an even deeper level of what food means.” ~ Callie Cavanaugh

In this episode you’ll hear about:

“I know now that no matter what food was on the table, it brought my family together as a source of connection.” ~ Callie Cavanaugh

•Grounding to be Present: Use meals and food as a time to connect with yourself, loved ones and what you're eating.
•Innate Curiosity: Experiment and be open to different things. (All design thinking is about experimenting, trying something, seeing if it works or doesn't work and learning from it.)
•Desire for Growth: Experience an intense need to learn, explore, and grow.


“Play brings learning because when I'm in play, I'm trying and creating things. Then, all of a sudden, wow! There's this really cool spark of inspiration” ~ Callie Cavanaugh

•Inspiration: Listen to your intuition to inspire your decisions.
•Play: Explore color and design as an expression of your “art”.
•Creativity: Greet the moment and get out of the way to enter the flow.

“When I was little, I would always order the weirdest thing on the menu” ~ Callie Cavanaugh


“I think everyone is intuitive. Sometimes it takes us a little bit to realize and understand how to listen.” ~ Callie Cavanaugh

Playful Intuition: Find the opportunity to relish and celebrate a moment and take it!

“I think some of the most beautiful joys in life are from the ordinary. And when we can see them as extraordinary, we can feel the ripples into so many other facets of our lives”. ~ Callie Cavanaugh

Until next time, be curious, be inspired and simplify the way…

Callie Cavanaugh
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