Safety FM

EP 55- Mike Sedam

March 5, 201939 min
On Today's episode of Safety FM, we speak with Mike Sedam. Mike has taken his education in counter-terrorism and public administration to help people
understand what drives their behavior and the behavior of others. Mike’s weekly podcast, The
Crucial Talks Podcast, provides valuable information on human behavior and has been
downloaded thousands of times by people across the world including in the U.S., Canada,
Australia, New Zealand, and China. Mike is a commander in a large law enforcement agency. In
addition, Mike is also a Senior Advisor for Government Integration, serves as an Accreditation
Commissioner, leads a multi-agency coordination group, and co-chaired a Federal Aviation
Administration rule-making committee. Mike not only has experience as a leader, he has
experience as a pilot, safety officer, and fleetwide maintenance coordinator.

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