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How does male circumcision affect women’s sexual health?

October 4, 201852 min
How does male circumcision affect women’s sexual health?

For the last 30 years Dr. Tinari has been conducting medical research aimed to improve women’s physical, sexual & psychological health & wellness outcomes.

The research has strongly supported the view that Stagnant Lymph is a major factor contributing to increasing a woman’s risk of suffering from a broad spectrum of diseases including breast cancer.

Dr. Tinari is the author of the book: “Lymph Mobbed & Booby Trapped” that critically examines some of the causes of stagnant lymph and presents effective solutions in the form of a number of easy to understand and simple to do exercises that women can perform on themselves, in the privacy of their own homes.

Dr. Tinari is also one of the first researchers to investigate the impacts of male circumcision on female health and sexual response. In this interview he will be discussing some of his more disturbing finding that all women should be made aware of.

Listen In and Learn:
– What the Lymph System is and what it does.
– How a woman’s clothing choices can adversely impact the health of her lymph system
– Lymph flow enhancing exercises
– Lymph Purging – What it is, how to learn how to do it, and its critical importance to overall female health
– Male circumcision – why is so damaging to female health & sexual response?
– and so much more!
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Dr. Paul D. Tinari did his Ph.D. research in Bio-Fluid Mechanics, specifically researching capillary flows, the behaviour of fluids flowing through extremely tiny channels & pores such as those found in the human lymph system. He is the former Director of Education at the West Coast College for Massage Therapy where he worked to introduce many improvements to the curriculum in the area of Lymph Massage and Deep Transverse Therapy (DTT).

After his partner died at a very young age of a very aggressive form of breast cancer, he dedicated himself to understanding everything possible about the origins of her illness. In particular, he used his expert knowledge of capillary flows to gain a detailed understanding of the flow of lymphatic fluid through the breast and how this flow could be interrupted by the wearing of certain types of constricting clothing. The results of his years of study of bio-fluid mechanics, bio-physics, massage therapy, tantric arts, nutrition and epidemiology, applied to the flow of lymph in the human body, have been summarized and included in this work. He currently works as personal success coach and health & wellness consultant. He lives in Port Moody, British Columbia, Canada.



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