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The Sacred Sex Game

July 6, 201852 min
The Sacred Sex Game is designed for people who want to experience deeper love, greater communication, and celebrate a healthy relationship with themselves and each other. This game creates an opportunity to help open your hearts, and connect in a fun and intimate way.

As artists, Shane and his wife Heather wanted to share a work of art with the world. As lovers and practitioners of sacred sexuality, they created a relationship and communication tool for people to play and honor a conscious lifestyle.

Discover how the Sacred Sexuality Game can help you:
– Improve your communication skills
– Learn tantric breathing exercises and eye-gazing
– Explore the 5 senses and sexual positions
– Learn how to become a better giver and receiver
– and understand your partner’s needs


Shane is an artist, visionary, and mystic. He attended his first sacred sex workshop over 20 years ago and he has developed a working relationship with the eastern arts ever since. His latest creation is an adult board game, designed for couples to assist in communication, energy healing, and intimacy.

Shane works with his wife Heather and they live in Flagstaff, Arizona. Together they are artists, seekers, and lovers. With their extensive knowledge and practice of tantra and conscious communication, came the desire to create a game based on these ideas. Their intention for this game is to help people open the lines of communication and nurture a positive sexual relationship.



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