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Episode 36: Unpacking Cultural Appropriation with Jordan Catherine Pagán

September 5, 201854 min
Today Jordan Catherine Pagán, the author of our freshly published and extremely illuminating guide “Love & Lightwashing: A guide to cultural appropriation, white privileged, and the shadow side of spirituality,” joins us to explore the ins and outs of cultural appropriation, a topic that is of utmost importance rn and always.

Jordan says: “It starts by taking a look at ourselves, to see where we have been unknowingly or knowingly participating in and upholding these systems, especially if we are benefitting from them. Those with the most privilege and power have the most ability and responsibility to effect change. This work is deeply challenging, painful, and revealing a lot of the time. It is shadow work.”

We’re not afraid of the dark, are you? We hope you’ll join us as we learn how to do our part in healing our personal and collective ancestral wounds.

Learn more about Jordan and her work at http://www.ostaraapothecary.com

Purchase Jordan’s new guide to cultural appropriation at https://spiritguidesmagazine.com/product/love-and-lightwashing-a-guide-to-cultural-appropriation-white-privilege-and-the-shadow-side-of-spirituality/

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