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Episode 57: Sex + Sacred Union, Heather Kristian Strang, Author and Love Activist

February 13, 201951 min
Love is in the air this week on Spirit Guides Radio with sex and sacred union as the topic of today's show and wow, did we dive in with author and Love Activist Heather Kristian Strang.

This open, honest, and profound conversation which began last year on Valentine's Day with episode 7 of Spirit Guides Radio, gets taken to new heights and depths today.

Kristian helps us wrap our brains and hearts around how to heal from the patriarchal love story we've been told is "right" and how we can create more balance through masculine and feminine energies in sacred partnership.

We talk about the balance of masculine and feminine energies in love, what sacred union is and feels like, love as liberation, putting self- love and spirit first in partnership, sacred sex and how the porn industry and religious dogma has skewed our view of sex, how to commit to a sacred partnership, codependency and interdependency, and so much more.

Kristian also wrote a digital guide for us entitled "The Truth About Love" which Arizona attributes to the healing of her heart and calling in the love of her life.

This juicy episode carries tons of lessons, so grab a pen an paper cuz you're gonna want to remember these golden nuggets of wisdom.

Learn more about Heather Kristian Strang and Rising Up for Love: https://risingupforlove.org/
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