Spiritually Speaking with Tamala

Spiritually Speaking with Tamala


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Tamala Coleman was born on September 2, 1968 in Nurenberg, Germany. She now resides in Powder Springs, Georgia on the outskirts of Atlanta. Tamala began writing as a young girl and has always felt something on the inside to write and to encourage others. In 2007 Tamala authored her first poetry book “Spiritual Expressions” and this further led her to write more books “Divine Women of God” a devotional for women and then a children’s book “Donovan Shoes”. Her latest book “Woman in the Mirror” was released in 2017 in which she continues to promote. This book resignates close to her heart as a woman who was challenged as a youngster with bullying in school and who also did not feel she was worthy or beautiful. The Woman In the Mirror speaks to other women who battle with their external beauty vs. internal beauty. In 2012 Tamala wrote and Co-Directed her First Stage Play "Lord Change My Heart" under MoveNewz Productions which also became her first Short Film. Sh... Show More

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