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August 3, 2018 63 mins
Welcome to the show!

Paula has had quite a varied and fascinating career so far. From journalism, TV Production, Event Management, Human Rights Research, Life and Business Coaching, Authoring books developing Wellness and Social Media Influencing. She is also a Mother. She is originally from Sao Paulo, Brazil, but her career so far has brought her far and wide.

I connected with Paula earlier this year as I was interested in learning more about her career as well as her experience in the area of social media. As she has a following on Twitter of almost half a million, I was keen to understand her strategy and approaches to that.

While that was the original interest, as Paula talks through her career, I began to realize there was a lot more to her than just having nearly half a million followers on twitter.

During our broad ranging conversation, I learned a lot about Paula’s positive approach to life, her passion for learning and always looking to help others.

I recorded this interview on International Day of happiness (20th March) which was a fitting day as Paula does look towards finding happiness.

Just some of the key points we discussed include:
•Leading with a positive mindset
•Life challenges with an Autistic Son and how she’s worked to keep positive
•A career in TV & Communications skills
•The importance of team work
•Executive Producing Events including a Red Hot Chilli Peppers concert
•Dealing with the demands of performers
•Project Management & Event Management
•Taking on a new challenge in the area of Human Rights research in Kosovo
•Seeing first hand that atrocities that war can bring and how strong people can be
•Moving back to London and starting out in the area of Social Media and Marketing
•Developing Social Media Strategies in Facebook and Twitter while still early days with both platforms
•Training in Homeopathy
•Becoming an author in 2013 and publishing a series of books
•Having a busy mind and always looking for ways to be positive
•As a life & business coach, finding ways to help others via social media
•Fighting for her customers & followers rights though social media
•What a typical day looks like?
•Paz’s 2 main pleasures in life
oHelping others be successful through coaching
oCooking for others
•What does the future hold?
oConcerns about Brexit and how it could impact her future
oHaving a plan B, C, D & E
•Holding her Mother as her greatest influencer over her life!
•Advice that stands out from her past!

1% Better Takeaways:
•Learn to be happy - this is the biggest secret!
•The Theory of the 5 in Social Media
oHave 5 ideas online every day
3 from others
2 from you – 1 with business & 1 about you!
•Always have a Plan B
•Social Media advice from her experience so far
oConsistency is key across all your platforms – same picture, bio and header!!!
oFocus on Instagram is exploding – more video is great
oBuild out a strategy but be open to test out posts at different times
oUse of tools like Hootsuite can be very useful if you’re building a full on strategy
oTwitter is becoming a platform of complaints!
oThe use of Tor Project online for positive results
•Be genuine with your followers and engage with them

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