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The Wholly a Woman podcast is hosted by Dr. Emily, the natural family planning pharmacist. In this show, we will discuss women's health from the perspective of a natural family planning educator and pharmacist. This show is for women who want to learn more about how their beautiful bodies work and want to find encouragement and inspiration to embrace their whole womanhood. New episodes are released every Sunday evening.


March 26, 2023 31 min
Who is God calling you to be? In this episode, Amy Cummings, leadership and wholeness coach, helps us learn how we can know this and then how we can design our lives to be that person.

Learn more about Amy and/or work with her: https://www.cummingscoaching.org/
Connect with Amy on Facebook or Instagram @amy.hansencummings

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Karyn Seitz empowers women to go from a lost sense of self to inner fulfillment and meaning so they can be truly happy and enjoy life. In this episode, Karyn shares her story and how she now helps others to be happier.

“I was the problem. And I was the solution.”

Karyn shares how building a relationship with herself led, unexpectedly, to a relationship with God.

“Yoga and meditation can have benefits, but won’t lead to happiness or pu...
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Emily shares her reflections on a life-changing book she recently read and how she is working on becoming an essentialist.

Book: Essentialism by Greg McKeown

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After over 10 years of experience and having earned Nutrition Therapy Master certification, Restorative Wellness Practitioner certification (level 3), Board Certification as a Holistic Nutritionist, as well as certifications in Gut Health Science, Sports & Exercise Nutrition, and personal training, Andrea Nicholson has coached others to boost their immune systems, rebalance their gut, lose stubborn weight, and reverse undesirable s...
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Kathleen Donnelly Israel shares her story of why she went on a pilgrimage and what she learned along the way. While she physically journeyed for 66 days, this was also a spiritual and emotional journey for her.

Read Kathleen’s book: “Wisdom on the Camino” https://www.amazon.com/Wisdom-Camino-Spiritual-Forgiveness-Possibilities-ebook/dp/B09CR9MGD3

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Can sleep really affect things like fertility? How is sleep related to women’s hormones? Why do we need sleep anyway?

If you have had any of these questions, tune in to this episode with sleep consultant Martha Lewis.

Martha Lewis is a sleep consultant to people who have tried everything and still can't sleep. As a certified sleep expert and Functional Diagnostic Nutrition practitioner, she addresses both body and mind with stress re...
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Dr. Emily shares her goals for 2023. She also reflects on some of the goals from 2022.

Previous Wholly a Woman podcast episodes mentioned:
-Episode 93: My word, vision, and goals for 2022
-Episode 106: What does it mean to unlock your cycle?

Unlock Your Cycle online course: https://www.unlockyourmenstrualcycle.com/

What did you think? I want to hear from you!
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Instagram: @nfppharmacist
Facebook: NFP Pharmac...
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Dr. Emily walks you through some guided exercises to think about your vision for the next year:
-Helpful Bible verses
-Ask God what He wants your next year to look like
-Picturing yourself after another year has passed
-Long-term dreams
-What images will help you stay in touch with your vision?

*Note: the visualization exercise was recorded in 2021. Substitute out 2022/2023 for 2021/2022 when applicable

Tune in next week to talk about goa...
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Dr. Emily shares her process of brainstorming ideas for her 2023 vision board.

Questions to ask yourself: what are your dreams for the next year? What do you want 2023 to feel like? What are you doing when your life is ideal? Do you want to choose a word for the year?

What images will help you stay in touch with your vision?

Previous Wholly a Woman episode mentioned: Episode 40: Live a Life you are Passionate About - featuring LuAnn...
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Lisa Harris is an author, poet, the founder of Lisa Harris & Company and the visionary behind the brand, Unveiled Beauty. After over 18 years of corporate retail buying, strategy and business development for Fortune 500 companies, she published her first book, Unveiled Beauty: Handwritten Stories from a Poetic Heart. After publishing Unveiled Beauty, Lisa had a vision. She dreamt of a space where women wouldn’t feel so alone. A spa...
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Here is just some of what Christina and I discuss in this episode:
-What is normal and what is not normal related to pelvic floor and symptoms you may be experiencing
-This is a message of HOPE! If there is a cause for your discomfort, then there is also a solution
-There are different types of pain that can happen with intercourse, due to different causes
-A tight muscle is also a weak muscle
-General recommendations for supporting you...
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-Herpes simplex virus (HSV) 1 vs. HSV2
-You might be living with herpes but not have any active symptoms
-”You can use your story to connect with others”
-”I’m not going to let it control my life”
-Practice forgiveness
-Take responsibility for your actions
-Fight, flight, or freeze reactions to adversity
-Sex ed should happen in schools and in the home
-”Educate yourself and find a community”
-Celebrate being feminine

Connect with Alexandra ...
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-Perimenopause is the time period before menopause (Menopause = no periods x 12 months)
-Perimenopause can start younger than you might think! (Age 35 is not uncommon)
-What you can expect to experience in different phases of perimenopause (early/mid/late)
-Be aware of your body
-Prioritize yourself
-Connect to the feminine

Sign-up for my natural family planning instruction courses: https://nfppharmacist.com/signup/
If you want to track ...
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What would happen if you were critically ill and unable to speak for yourself? How will your physicians and/or your loved ones know your wishes? Who will care for your children if you pass away? Who will care for you if you are unable to care for yourself?

Amy Miller, end of life planning care concierge at Our Family Encounter, is my guest on the Wholly a Woman podcast this week.

What you will learn:
-Why you need to assign someone to...
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The key to natural family planning / fertility awareness is to find the most precise way to identify ovulation and then use that information to identify the fertile window.

So, how do you know if / when you are ovulating? Did you know (if you are a cycling woman), your body is already giving you signs you can pay attention to?

The main signs that help you identify the time of ovulation are cervical mucus changes, basal body temperat...
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-”I am a conduit.” - God can use you in any way he wants
-”When we understand who God is, He tells us who He created us to be.”
-”Give yourself grace.”
-”Do not succumb to the sexy look of social media.”
-”My perception is my reality, the other person’s perception is their reality.”
-Destiny is not a destination
-Are the things I am doing aligned with my destiny?
-”My occupation does not completely define me.”
-”If there’s nothing impossib...
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Renee Harris is my guest on the podcast to share her story of deciding NFP was right for her.

Renee has nine children. She is the first to note “people would say then, that NFP doesn't work if I have nine, but nothing could be further than the truth.”

Renee encourages women (of all ages) to know their bodies, beginning with NFP.

“It's been important to me that I teach my daughters all about NFP because it's far more than accepting o...
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Emily just shares what is on her mind and heart right now as she is in a season of transition and making decisions about her career and her family.

-Knowing what my priorities are and choosing in favor of my priorities (passions)
-Intention + Attention + No-Tension
-This, or something better
-Acknowledging my priorities have shifted in the last 10 years

Wholly a Woman podcast episode mentioned:
Episode 40: Live a Life you are Passionate...
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-Brittany tried a strict elimination diet to help her conceive
-It takes a TON of water to make almond milk
-Flax milk contains nutrients like fiber, omega 3, protein, magnesium
-After struggling with infertility and having periods on and off, Brittany made the decision to take interventions
-Brittany now has 2 beautiful children
-Girls need to be educated about their bodies, tracking their cycles, etc. And this education should start e...
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-What are different cycles we can attune to?
-The menstrual/moon cycle is the foundation, and other cycles are flavors
-What are the benefits of cyclical living?
-Our cycles can have darker phases - why is it helpful to live in tune with these phases too?
-Hear Lisa’s experience of using cyclical living to make peace with past struggles
-Where is the 1% of your life where you can make changes to be in tune with your cycle?
-Be curious ab...
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