Why I'm Not - with Brant Pinvidic

Why I'm Not A Teen Idol (2)– With Cody Christian

March 27, 201873 min
Cody Christian joins to talk about growing up as one of Hollywood's hottest young actors. In this episode Brant continues the exploration of the phenomenon of being 'teen famous'. Cody's raw and revealing interview is in stark contrast to some of the stereotypical perceptions of today's youth culture. It's a can't miss discussion.

Brant also interviews Dr. William Todd Schultz, Professor of Psychology at Pacific University in Oregon about the ramifications of fame on our society and today's youth.

In a fascinating discussion, Brant and co-host Trisha Hershberger are forced to re-examine their beliefs the impact and repercussions for youth culture living in this fame obsessed society.


Cody Christian: Actor and Social Media Influencer

Dr. William Todd Schultz: Professor of Psychology at Pacific University in

Running Time: 1:14:12


2:06 – Rob Lowe effect and connecting to Cody

6:10 – Guest: Dr. Todd Schultz

21:30 – Guest: Cody Christian

1:01:20 – Why I’m Not… What did we learn?

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“Why I’m Not…” hosted by documentary filmmaker and veteran television producer Brant Pinvidic is a light-hearted podcast in which Brant explores topics that he doesn’t fully understand by interviewing the people who do.

In each episode, Brant explores one of the latest topics, fads, trends or addictions from all sides, and tries to remind you… before you judge it, try to understand it.

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