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May 27, 2024 80 mins
Hello, and welcome to number 146. This week, I had the pleasure of interviewing Orest Zub in Vancouver. Orest is based in Lviv, Ukraine, and has travelled to 130 UN countries to date. We sat down for just over an hour discussing his homeland of Ukraine, how the war has changed everything for everyone, how it has changed him, the tourism industry in Ukraine, people's day-to-day lives and his role in the war.

Since the war, he has changed as a traveller and how he wants to see the world. Nowadays, Orest travels to promote Ukraine and see other parts of the world suffering from war or persecution. He actively reports on situations worldwide, like his home country, on his social media, YouTube, and blogging websites. We also discuss how he uses tennis when travelling the world and meets locals to share a passion they both love and get to know them and their country. Orest is a partner within NomadMania, and he explains his role there, how this organization can help you as a traveller, and the future path for the organization.

Thank you to Orest for visiting me in Vancouver and for coming on the show!

Enjoy. Be inspired!

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