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June 10, 2024 87 mins
Hello, and welcome to number 147 with a returning guest, Katrina Mcghee. Since we last spoke in 2022, Katrina has released a book and she is here today to talk about it!

Are you contemplating a career break but unsure where to start? Join us in this insightful episode, "Career Break Success: How to Plan, Execute, and Thrive," where we delve into the essential strategies for taking a successful career break. Discover the benefits of a career break, from personal growth and skill development to enhanced mental well-being.

In this episode, Katrina will share actionable tips on how to plan a career break effectively, ensuring a smooth transition from the workplace to your time off and back. Learn about the various types of career breaks, including sabbaticals, gap years, and extended vacations, and how to choose the right one for you.

We also explore real-life career break success stories, offering inspiration and practical advice for making the most of your time away from the grind. Whether you're considering a short break to recharge or a long-term hiatus for a complete life overhaul, this episode provides valuable insights to help you thrive.

Tune in to learn how to set clear goals for your career break, manage your finances, and communicate your plans with your employer. Don't miss this comprehensive guide to planning, executing, and thriving during your career break!

Enjoy. Be inspired!

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