Your Journey to Success

Your Journey to Success


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Kenny Weiss is a Coach, Speaker, Author and Podcast host who is at the forefront of the personal development field. He likes to help people who are in pain. They know it’s there, it’s been there for years. They keep trying to push it down but it’s sabotaging their work and their relationships and they’re scared to death to face it. Kenny lived in that self destruction, he lived in that fear, he lived in that pain. His Coaching and his Book are the way out! Kenny’s Journey To Success started with finding his mom passed out naked on the toilet at the age of 12. She was an alcoholic! From there he became an alcoholic, sex addict, spending addict, sugar addict, tobacco addict and love addict! He went through two horrific divorces, a child custody battle, bankruptcy, played two pro sports he never wanted to play and he contemplated suicide! Because of his hunger to find an answer as to why he was doing all of this to himself, he discovered a process, something he... Show More

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