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Molly Hayward Founder and CEO of Cora

March 29, 201681 min
- Molly Hayward has a deep knowledge of menstrual management in both its cultural and commercial contexts - She was the first entrepreneur in the menstrual health space to introduce a modern, healthy, pro-social brand to mainstream consumers - Previously, Molly co- founded ethical fashion label Rebecca Street, in the UK - Molly (together with Cora) is about to get her big break as a reality TV star - She will be a featured entrepreneur on a forthcoming TV show airing on a major national network early this year - Cora is her 3rd startup, 2nd as founder. - Several years ago I was travelling with an organization in Kenya when a girl named Purity told me she and other girls would stay home from school during their periods because they couldn’t afford sanitary pads. - Every year, 100 million girls miss school during their periods due to a lack of access to adequate menstrual products. - Later, when I learned that many feminine products used in the U.S. contain substances that are potentia

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