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#RRS - Up the Duff Life Hacks

September 24, 201680 min
The Really Reel Show with Adam and Garrie. A Film centric/ Pop Culture comedy show that uses Nonsense ramblings to educate.... This week Adam welcomes back Garrie after his honeymoon. The two discuss - Otters?! - #Brangelina Break Up - Life Hacks - Getting Up the Duff! - Why they are taking a break until 2017 soon and much much more NONSENSE! DO NOT MISS OUT! You will wonder HOW this goes out on Radio! The Really Reel Show is LIVE on Chelmsford Community Radio every Thursday Evening 7pm - 8:30pm......BUT with this podcast you get MORE! Follow the show Twitter: @ReelShowCCR - Instagram: ReelShowCCR - Tumblr: Facebook: CCRadio:

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