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Jay Mohr Sports: 07/01/2016

July 1, 2016118 min
On today's Jay Mohr Sports, Jay recaps the most recent deals in NBA free agency. Former MLB pitcher, Ron Darling, stops by the office to talk Lenny Dykstra and 1986's Game 7. Jay questions the Lakers' deal with Timofey Mozgov for $64 million, and Bobby Bonilla gets a recurring $1.19 million payday until 2035. There's dead horse talk, and the writer for CBS' NBA division, Zach Harper, also drops by to talk more about the "comedic" Timofey Mosgov signing and whether Jeanie Buss will take over the Lakers franchise. As usual we've got Top 3 with Dan Beyer, Are You Serious, and Twitter Hat Trick, InstaDAMMMMNNN, and a new Wide World of Ramos.

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