John and Ken on Demand •

Is this the ENTIRE 3-12 John & Ken Show? Yes. Yes it is.

John and Ken on Demand

Gov Newsom to put the kibosh on ALL CA Executions?

Rich & Famous use their wealth & stupidity to bribe their kids' way into college.

Latest on Boeing planes that have crashed and calls to ground them all

Newsom details his plan to hold back gas tax money for cities that don't meet housing goals - he will delay implementation

Corbin Carson on with his story about the West LA VA Building with homeless camped out front - he went and met them and looked to find out if they were really being refused services and if they are really vets

Toll Road people in OC paying $185 an hour to a consulting company to monitor the news

Special election to fill seat on OC Board of Supervisors is today

Pilot whose plane fell apart on SB Sunday , killing occupants in a house , led a double life with multiple identities and 4 ex wives

Special train will shuttle people to and from Coachella from LA using our gas tax money

Kyle Long, of Maine , drives all the way to Mountain View, CA. to get at Google employees who shut down his Youtube channel

List of CA. new sales tax rates to take effect on 4/1 due to voter approval last fall. They are mostly for public employee pensions
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