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Are we in the Matrix?

June 3, 201649 min
This week on MashTalk, Christina and Pete discuss the latest happenings in tech. They get started with a brief correction, regarding the Motorola Razr's comeback (1:00) and basically beg Samsung to truly bring back to the flip phone. They then move on to talking about the latest iPhone rumors (5:00), including reports that we might not get a major redesign until 2017. They also discuss rumors of a 5K Apple display (13:15) before moving on to talk about some of Elon Musk's comments at the Code Conference (18:35). Are we living in a simulation? Are we in the Matrix? Elon thinks so. They then discuss the news that Snapchat might now have more daily active users than Twitter (32:30) before moving on to talk more about Twitter, a year after Jack Dorsey's has return (35:30).

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