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Men's Health Live #153: Firefighters and Holiday Diets

November 21, 201584 min
What does it take to be the Ultimate Men's Health Guy? Find out how the inspirational and ripped Lexington, KY firefighter Tim Boniface (@TimBoniface) made it onto the cover of this month's Men's Health Magazine. Then, we explore ways to harness our own strengths and how to actually LOSE weight during the holidays. Segment 1: Fire-Fighting Fitness From banker to firefighter to Men's Health cover guy, Tim Boniface (@TimBoniface), has goals bigger than his biceps! He fills us in on his life as a fit, Men's Health subscriber and then explains how becoming a firefighter pushed him to ramp up his fitness routine. Segment 2: No Joke When Tim Boniface (@TimBoniface) got the call from Men's Health telling him that he was a contender in the Ultimate Men's Health Guy competition, he thought it was a prank and actually hung up on us. Here's the hilarious story of how Tim ALMOST wasn't on the cover. Segment 3: A True Hero After witnessing the humanity and selflessness of firefighters and other first responders on 9/11, MH Cover Guy Tim Boniface (@TimBoniface) ditched his high-paying bank job to fulfill his own lifelong dream of becoming a fire-fighter. Segment 4: Be Fit or Die Firefighters risk life and limb on a daily basis, and being tired, worn out or out of shape in the line of duty is not an option. MH Cover Guy Tim Boniface (@TimBoniface) explains the importance of fitness for first responders. Segment 5: Just Move Your Ass The best exercise is the one you will do. MH Cover Guy Tim Boniface (@TimBoniface) urges you to find the workout regimen that works well because you'll stick with it. Segment 6: Stop Eating Crap A good diet is just as important to your fitness as the right exercise routine, says Men's Health November Cover Guy, Tim Boniface (@TimBoniface). He divulges the secrets of the diet that earned him a spot on our cover. Segment 7: Facebook In Your Face Facebook is taking a stab at the news scene with their new app, Notify. Men's Health Social Media Director, Erin Weaver (@ByErinWeaver), fills us in on the features of this news aggregating service. Segment 8: Ignore Your Weaknesses? Yeah, it's easy to think that success comes from "fixing" our weaknesses. But the classic book "Strengths Finder 2.0" encourages us to do what we do best and let someone else handle the stuff that trips us up. Gregg Stebben (@GreggStebben) and Men's Health Radio producer Alex Gardner (@aisforalex07) sound off on this philosophy. Segment 9: Drop 10 For Christmas You don't have to wait for the holidays to pass in order to start losing weight. Gregg (@GreggStebben) advises us to drop pounds during the weeks of typical overeating. He tells Men's Health Food and Nurtrition Editor, Paul Kita (@GuyGourmet) how he did it. Segment 10: Screwed By Food Not only are foods much more carb heavy than they have been in the past, but they are also full of bad calories. Men's Health Food and Nutrition Editor, Paul Kita (@Paul_Kita), explains why working out without adopting a healthy diet will keep you heavy. Segment 11: Drink Less Craft Beer? Do you have a favorite craft beer? Here's how many hundreds of calories that you might drinking with each bottle of brew. Segment 12: Fat-Ass Math What can we do to put ourselves on the path to being lighter in the New Year? Men's Health Food and Nutrition Editor, Paul Kita (@Paul_Kita), gives us the "30-30" rules to help us keep our bellies full and our bodies fueled.

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