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Men's Health Live #162: Protein, Hobbies, and the Sex Killer

January 23, 201684 min
Protein: Your body turns it to muscle, it could extend your life, and it's delicious! So, we humbly and hungrily dedicate this episode to the stuff. Then, find out why tapping this "thing" kills your relationship, learn how to become a business casual boss, and discover even more life-changing info on this week's episode of MEN'S HEALTH LIVE. Segment 1: Memorial Day Tribute We honor the brave men and women who make the ultimate sacrifice to defend our freedom this Memorial Day. Also this week on MEN'S HEALTH LIVE, we will tell you why you should eat meat to live longer, and we start the countdown to MH Food and Nutrition Editor, Paul Kita's (@Paul_Kita) wedding. Click here to hear more. Segment 2: Eat More Meat! Let the grilling season begin! MH Nutrition Advisor Mike Roussell, Ph.D (@mikeroussell) takes us through protein 101. Listen to Mike explain what protein actually is, why you need it, , and how you can optimize that savory slab of grilled steak to increase muscle build. Segment 3: Steak or Cheerios? Are Cheerios the new white meat? Click to listen as Paul Kita (@Paul_Kita) noshes on "Cheerios Protein" and MH Nutrition Advisor Mike Roussel (@mikeroussell), Ph.D., warns about all the added sugar. Plus, will soy give you "man boobs," or #moobies, and how much protein should you have at breakfast? Segment 4: Protein = Longer Life Buff guys live longer, says MH writer Lou Schuler (@LouSchuler). Tune in to hear how protein and regular strength training can add years to your life, why it's never too late to start working out, and how quickly you'll lose muscle mass in the absence of exercise. Segment 5: Slim Down for Sex Does more muscle equal more sex? Hear Lou Schuler (@LouSchuler) explain why getting lean might help you get lucky. Plus, Lou shares why protein can help curb junk food cravings. Segment 6: Eat That Cow Listen up as the author of "The Farm," Ian Knauer (@iknauer), helps you sharpen your knife skills, butcher a steer, and select the most tender, flavorful cuts of beef. Segment 7: Master The Meat Market Feeling lost at the butcher block? Ian Knauer (@iknauer) to the rescue! Tune in for the top three cuts of beef that you aren't currently buying like the Fred Flintstone approved "Cowboy Steak." Segment 8: Organic Is What? What the f$%@ does "organic" really mean? Listen up as MH Food and Nutrition Editor, Paul Kita (@Paul_Kita), decodes the mystery of organic food standards for fruit and produce. (Good news: it's sewage-sludge free!) Segment 9: Organic for Health Is organic food really worth the extra cost? With higher antioxidants, less pesticides, and better flavor, organic food can help your body fight everything from Alzheimer's to Diabetes. Click to hear Paul Kita (@Paul_Kita) expand on why organic is definitely worth a few extra bucks. Segment 10: Career Shoe-In Is your fashion sense up to snuff at the office? MH Fashion Director, Sandra Nygaard (@suddenlysandra), helps you cultivate your business casual style starting with this tip: Cheap shoes ruin your look. Segment 11: Hobby For Sex Women sound off on the sex appeal of various hobbies from playing sports to developing websites. Bad news for magazine writers, says Men's Health's Julie Stewart (@stewartjulie). How does your favorite pastime rank? Click here to find out. Segment 12: iPhone = Sex Killer? Spending too much time on your digital device could end your relationship, says MH writer Julie Stewart (@stewartjulie). Click to also hear Julie explain why double-dating can really spark your sex life (after you put down your phone of course).

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